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Prenuptial agreements are for everyone

A dating website for millionaires released results of a survey concerning who their members are looking for.  For whatever reason, 80 percent of the millionaire men were looking for women who were not millionaires.  On the other hand, 86.7 percent of women were looking for men who at least made as much money as they did.  Many of these women stated that they were not looking for someone to take care of and wanted a financially stable partner.

What were also surprising in the survey results were the differences of opinion of these men and women when it came to prenuptial agreements.  While just 20 percent of men state that they would insist upon a prenuptial agreement, 90 percent of women stated they would not get married unless a prenuptial agreement was in place.

Divorce and California's mandatory mediation statute

There is much discussion as to whether mediation is a viable option for divorcing couples. While mediation is not going to be the correct route for all divorcing couples, the option should not be taken off of the table simply because one of the spouses may appear unwilling to settle.

California has enacted the mandatory mediation statute. Since this statute has been put in place the majority of child custody matters have actually been resolved outside of court.

Man hides millions in assets to avoid paying child support

Some parents will go to great lengths to not pay their child support payments.  One California investor is accused of concealing millions of dollars in assets in an attempt to not pay child support and alimony.  What happened instead was that he was forced to give up assets of more than $2.8 million and pay a fine of $500,000.  He was also sentenced to more than 17 years imprisonment for bankruptcy fraud.

The father in question submitted what was called a fraudulent bankruptcy in 2005.  So vindictive was he towards his wife that he even placed a call to the FBI to have her investigated - at a time when he was trying to hide his own assets.  He even sent his wife an e-mail stating his intentions of filing to bankruptcy while leaving his wife with nothing.

Consequences can occur with poorly drafted prenuptial agreement

While couples fill out prenuptial agreements to bring along a degree of self-assurance in the event of a divorce, mistakes can be made when these agreements are drafted.  There can be a number of tax and financial consequences that can result from a poorly drafted agreement.

Not having a prenuptial agreement can lead to a costly settlement - especially in high-asset divorce matters. For example, if one has children from a prior marriage provisions need to be included to make certain the needs of those children are addressed.

Difficulties advocates face in preventing domestic violence

It is always questionable whether counties will be able to provide funding for various programs.  For example, the Valley Trauma Center which has provided 26-years of services has experienced severe budget cuts to its family preservation program.  Among other things, this center has focused upon sexual violence, child abuse and domestic violence issues.

The center has focused upon prevention through various outreach programs to parent centers, schools and other institutions.  They hope to send the message that victims are not alone when facing such issues.  The center is said to be "dedicated to empowering individuals and families to lead full and productive lives in safe homes and communities free of abuse and violence."

When a parent decides to relocate with their child

Family court judges consider child custody matters with one parent moving out of the area to be the most difficult.  This obviously will complicate relations between the children and the non-custodial parent.  This is in part because day-to-day participation in the child's life has also become more difficult.

There are a large number of these kinds of situations in California.  While a large number of people move to California from other locations, there is also a good chance that these individuals will move away at some point as well.  That's not to say that these circumstances are reserved for our state alone.  It all reflects a greater trend of a more mobile population due to the type of economy we now have in place.

Some say yes to working with an ex

Owning a business together can complicate things during a divorce. Not only does the couple have to think about traditional divorce issues such as child custody and asset distribution, the couple also has to figure out what to do with their business.

In many cases, one spouse decides to buy the other spouse out of his or her share of the business. However, in some cases, former couples decide to continue running their business together even after their divorce.

Support is essential for baby boomers going through divorce

Divorce isn’t an easy process at any age. But it can be especially difficult on older couples who spent decades together before deciding to end their marriage. While divorce among the 50 and older demographic was once rare, the baby boomer generation has made “gray divorce” more common.

In fact, today close to one in four people going through divorce is over the age of 50, according to a sociologist from Bowling Green University. Additionally, Americans over the age of 50 are now twice as likely to go through divorce compared to those who were the same age 20 years ago, NPR recently reported.

An innovative solution to unpaid child support and alimony

Unfortunately, many parents and ex-spouses in the United States fail to honor the financial terms of divorce and child support orders.

One of the most frustrating things about unpaid spousal and child support is that the person who was supposed to receive the funds has little recourse beyond going to court to ask a judge to issue another order.

But some attorneys in California and the rest of the country are starting to get creative in order to remedy this problem by using a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) to “guarantee” spousal support and child support payments.

David Cassidy's wife files for divorce following DUI arrest

This week, the Los Angeles Times reported that the wife of former child star David Cassidy has filed for divorce. The announcement came shortly after Cassidy was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Los Angeles and then checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse.

Sue Cassidy didn't say whether the arrest influenced her decision to split from the former member of "The Partridge Family," but she said in a statement that she believes her husband will come back from rehab "stronger than ever."

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